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7 Benefits of Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new AC system or upgrading the old one, you’ve probably run across mini-split air conditioning systems while researching. Before you make any final decisions, let’s take a closer look at how mini-split systems work and the advantages they provide homeowners. 

What Are Mini-Split HVAC Systems?

Mini-split HVAC systems are two-in-one systems that cool and heat your home and don’t require ductwork. This feature makes it much more efficient than just a wall or floor-mounted AC unit. On your journey to find one, you’ll also see them listed as a ductless AC or mini-split heat pump. Keep in mind that some mini-split systems only have cooling settings, so make sure any mini-split system you purchase has both heating and cooling settings if you don’t have an alternative source of heat.

How Mini-Split AC Systems Work

There are two major components to the mini-split AC system, an outdoor unit and a set of indoor units. The outdoor unit is much like the outdoor AC compressors we usually see, and the indoor units are strategically mounted on walls. The wall units connect to the outdoor compressors, and instead of ductwork carrying the air through the home, the indoor units do the cooling. 

7 Benefits of Mini-Split Air Conditioners

If you’re unsure whether this system will work in your home, learn more about the top advantages of mini-split AC systems for homes and businesses below:

1. Mini-Split AC Systems Are Low-Maintenance 

Since mini-split AC systems are ductless, they don’t require a ton of upkeep. Once a mini-split is installed, much like a traditional AC, you’ll need to inspect and clean the air filter every 4-6 weeks and keep the unit free of dirt and debris. Besides that, an annual check-up is recommended to keep the unit working efficiently. 

2. Reduce Energy Use and Costs With a Mini-Split AC System

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), traditional duct systems are responsible for more than 30 percent of “energy consumption for space conditioning.” That means installing a ductless system can reduce your home’s energy use and costs by a great deal. As a result, you’ll reduce your energy usage and cut down on your electrical costs.

3. Mini-Split ACs are Customizable

These systems can work to cool any home, no matter how difficult it may have been in the past. The absence of ductwork also means there aren’t many homes or rooms that mini-split HVAC systems won’t fit in. 

If your home has antique features you don’t want to disturb, a mini-split HVAC system is the perfect solution. Its unobtrusive design allows it to be installed without damaging any of the home’s original features. Many people also like to use mini-split systems in sheds, garages, and other areas that tend not to feature ducts.

4. Mini-Split ACs Improve Home Air Quality

Anyone suffering from allergies or coping with asthma can benefit from the unit’s built-in filtration system. It removes contaminants and other harmful particles from the atmosphere, leaving the air you breathe cleaner. 

5. Mini-Split ACs Are Eco-Friendly

Anyone concerned about their home’s environmental footprint will appreciate that mini-split HVAC systems don’t burn natural gas or oil, so you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide off-gassing or emissions. If you want to go or stay green, this is the greenest HVAC system around. They also run on electricity which helps to reduce energy consumption and waste. 

6. Mini-Split ACs Improve Comfort

Wall units can be individually programmed using a remote control. This individual programming permits you to control the temperature room-by-room, thus allowing you to adjust the comfort level in each space to your liking. The air will circulate evenly throughout the home, eliminating any stale air.

7. Mini Split HVACs Are an All-In-One System

Instead of installing multiple window units and operating a separate furnace, many mini-split HVAC systems give you an all-in-one unit that cools the home and keeps it warm during winter months. Having heating and cooling in one system alleviates any extra house maintenance that comes with running separate heating and cooling units. 

So if you’ve been complaining about a lack of airflow in specific areas of the home, or have an older home without ductwork, consider the benefits of mini-split air conditioners.

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