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How to Know If You Need Insulation Replacement Services

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When your home’s temperature can’t stay consistent or your energy bills keep rising, you could need insulation replacement services. Your home’s insulation is responsible for keeping your HVAC’s air indoors and stopping outdoor air from getting inside. If your insulation is damaged or ineffective, it can significantly impact your home’s comfort and cause your HVAC system to have to run longer.

As you try to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low, find out more about the main signs you need new insulation and how insulation replacement services can help. 

4 Signs You Need Home Sealing and Insulation Services

Knowing the main signs of needing new insulation can improve your comfort and help you save money. Instead of just dealing with drafts of wind in your home and high energy bills, you can take action fast when you’re aware of what to watch out for. If you notice any of the four following signs of damaged insulation, contact your local insulation experts to schedule an inspection:

1. You Notice Indoor Drafts

A properly insulated home shouldn’t allow wind into your home unless you have a window or door open. If you feel drafts of wind in your home, the problem is often due to improper insulation. Whether you have holes in your insulation or a window that needs to be sealed, you should take action fast to fix it. You’ll also want to watch for drafts around your attic or crawlspace, as these tend to be locations most vulnerable to drafts of wind.

2. Your Home Won’t Stay at a Consistent Temperature

Gaps and cracks in your insulation often cause your home’s temperature to fluctuate. For example, if it’s winter and you have your heating system set to 70, a properly insulated home will stay at that temperature.

In contrast, an improperly insulated home will allow cold air inside, causing the indoor temperature to drop. As a result, your home’s temperature will likely dip below 70 throughout the day. Regardless of the season, a home that won’t stay at the temperature you’ve set is a clear sign of insulation issues.

3. Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than They Should Be

An improperly sealed home doesn’t just make your home less comfortable than it should be. As air from your HVAC system escapes through cracks in your insulation and outside air sneaks inside, your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your home at your desired temperature. 

When an HVAC system has to stay on longer to make up for lost air, it will use more energy, leading to increasing heating and cooling costs. Besides higher costs, longer-running HVAC systems often break down faster and need to be repaired or replaced sooner. If you’ve noticed your electricity bills rising for no clear reason, there’s a good chance your home needs new insulation. In the long run, replacing ineffective insulation can pay for itself, as it will save you money on utility bills and HVAC repair costs.

4. You See More Pests Inside

Alongside letting outside air into your home, damaged insulation gives rodents, insects, and other pests a clear path into your home. Since many places in your home are attractive to critters, especially during the cold months, pests will often take advantage of cracks and holes in your insulation to get inside. While you can try to reduce the number of pests with sprays and traps, they won’t solve the problem for good. Instead of fighting a losing battle, schedule an insulation inspection if you notice more pests than normal in your home.

What Are Insulation Replacement Services?

Insulation replacement services are home services where an insulation expert will replace damaged or ineffective insulation in your home. Before the insulation specialist replaces your insulation, they’ll inspect your home and look for damaged areas. If they find holes, gaps, or cracks in your insulation that air can escape from, they’ll replace the damaged insulation to prevent indoor drafts, skyrocketing energy bills, and inconsistent heating or cooling performance. 

Choose Big Air for Whole Home Insulation Services in Concord and Surrounding Areas

If you’re looking for insulation services in Concord, California, or the surrounding areas, turn to Big Air. Our insulation services help homeowners reduce their energy costs and be as comfortable as possible in their homes. When you contact us, our team will inspect your home, ensuring that any insulation service we provide fits the size of your home and your budget. Whether you need to replace existing insulation or need insulation for a newly built home, our team can install it quickly for you. 

Learn more about our insulation services today. If you’re ready to make an appointment or have any questions, please call us at 925.687.7942 or complete our online form. You can also review our financing services and coupons to ensure our cost-effective services fit your budget.

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