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Why You Need an HVAC Inspection Before Buying a Home

If you’re planning on buying a home soon, you probably already know how important a whole-home inspection is before you make a purchase. While many home buyers know the importance of a whole-home inspection, they sometimes overlook a separate comprehensive home HVAC inspection. Just like you’d need to inspect a home’s plumbing system before you buy, you need to check the HVAC system too. To ensure a new home is in the best shape possible, learn more about why an HVAC inspection is essential to the buying process.

What Is a Home-Buying HVAC Inspection?

A home-buying HVAC inspection refers to a comprehensive review of a home’s HVAC system by a certified HVAC technician. During this inspection, the technician will check the system’s age and cleanliness, its expected remaining lifespan, and any signs of wear and tear. If the technician finds that the system will need repairs, they should be able to let you know how long those repairs would take and how much they would cost.

Why Is a Home-Buying HVAC Inspection Necessary?

Since standard whole-home inspections are usually performed by an inspector who isn’t an HVAC expert, they can often overlook problems an HVAC technician would catch. Sometimes, these inspectors only turn on your HVAC system to see if it works, meaning they won’t know if it’s developing any potentially expensive problems. In contrast, a home HVAC inspection from a licensed technician can ensure you won’t have to pay for an expensive repair or replace the entire system shortly after buying the home.

What Parts of the HVAC System Will An HVAC Inspector Check?

A home-buying HVAC inspection will include a thorough review of all your HVAC system’s parts. As you look for the right HVAC inspector, make sure they’ll review the following components of your system:

  • Drain pan
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Condensate drain lines
  • Electrical systems and components
  • AC evaporator coils
  • Outdoor condenser, including its fan and motor

3 Benefits of Home HVAC Inspections When Buying a Home

If you’re still deciding if a home HVAC inspection is worth the investment, learn more about the top three advantages of these inspections below:

  • Lowered risk of unexpected costs: The main reason to perform a home HVAC inspection before you purchase a home is to prevent unexpected costs. An HVAC inspection will allow you to know what needs to be repaired and how much it will cost, allowing you to be better informed before you make your purchase. Additionally, you’ll want to know if you’ll need to replace the HVAC soon, as new HVAC installation costs around $8000 on average.
  • Greater negotiation power: If an HVAC inspection reveals that you’ll need to repair or replace the HVAC system after you purchase the home, you can often use that information to negotiate with the home seller. Many homeowners will recognize that HVAC repair or replacement services are costly and negotiate with you. For example, you might be able to get the current homeowner to repair or replace the unit before you buy the home, or you could use the information to lower the seller’s asking price.
  • Increased peace of mind and comfort: You don’t want to move into a new home and immediately have the air stop working. An HVAC inspection can give you peace of mind that your new home’s HVAC system is working appropriately and won’t ruin the experience of buying a home. Additionally, a comprehensive inspection can help you plan for the future, as you’ll know what potential repairs your system needs, when your AC last received maintenance, and how long the system will likely last.

Choose Big Air for Home HVAC Inspections in Concord

If you need a home-buying HVAC inspection in Concord or the surrounding areas, turn to Big Air. Our certified HVAC technicians are happy to inspect the HVAC of a home you’re planning to buy to ensure you’re fully informed. Alongside providing HVAC inspections, we can perform AC repair, replacement, and maintenance services whenever you need them. Due to our partnership with Bonney, we also provide financing options and several coupons to make it easy for our clients to stay within budget.

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